How We Do It

How We Do It

We pull in the right people, ask the right questions, and have no agenda other than optimizing your Talent Acquisition strategy and deployment. We have never accepted a “pay-to-play” referral agreement from a vendor, and we never will. We focus entirely on your success. 

  • Our insights make technology agile. Unlike most talent management consultants, we know every major and up-and-coming solution in the market, inside and out, because we implement them all. We work with you to make any of them successful, to ensure your investments in recruiting technology pay off.
  • We optimize the technology you already have, so that your recruiters can spend quality time with candidates, not struggle with a tangle of disconnected systems. We give them back time to do their jobs.
  • We help you evaluate and deploy the right solutions to fill the gaps – technology that won’t be obsolete next year, and that will integrate with unanticipated solutions. We stay on top of the technology leaders, and know their strengths, weaknesses and areas of overlap, so that you make cost-effective, high ROI decisions about new technology.
  • We anticipate and address problems before they show up. We prioritize, improve the connections between systems, generate simplicity and remove roadblocks that are slowing your recruiters down. Our competitors’ clients often come to us to fix what wasn’t done well, because we avert and unwind costly mistakes and waste. 
  • We innovate, with you. The best Talent Acquisition processes in the industry are the ones designed specifically for you, to work for you. Unlike other firms, we don’t come in with a one-size-fits-all orthodoxy. We’re masters in process design, eliminating duplication and recruiter busy-work. And we coach clients to become better process innovators themselves.

No other firm manages the span of Talent Acquisition technology with the same level of detail, process fluency, and quality of collaboration.

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